[Advaita-l] 'aham brahmasmi' in Bhagavatam

piyali palit piyali_ju at yahoo.co.in
Thu Feb 24 14:22:42 CST 2011

Namaste Venkatashaji.

I feel there is a gap of communication between us. What I tried to say is that 'Ishvara' or 'Saguna Brahman' plays a very 
important role in Advaita Vedanta also, specially in the context of 
creation of the world. You didn't reply my queries made from that point.

Did I ever say that Adi Shankara placed 'Saguna Brahman' over 'Nirguna' -
 never. But I felt sorry to find that you are emphasizing on this 
discussion group for Advaita only; it's true that this is a Advaita 
Vedanta group; does it mean that no one can place question for 
justification or clarification here? Adi Shankara himslef showed us the 
way of mutual discussion with respect to everybody. How could you forget
 that ?

I quoted 'Krama-sandarva' with an intention that even the Gaudiya-s 
accepted Maya on the basis of the verse from Shrimadbhagavatam while 
Advaitavadins have always been addressed as 'mayavadin' by others. 

One more thing, when you speak as 'we advaitins', should you 
differentiate in Brahman as a 'higher/highest' one and a 'lower one' ? 
It is practically a matter of context or perspective without accepting 
any change or discrimination in the Reality. Otherwise you are bound to 
fell into trap of duality (using comparative degree) or plurality (using
 superlative degree). I request you just to rethink.


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