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On Wed, 28 Sep 2011, Srikanta Narayanaswami wrote:

> As usual you are going away from the point.

You asked me what I thought was physical renunciation of nama-rupa.  I
gave the answer to that question.

> What I am saying is not about AShankara discussing karma,but pointing out Jnana.Infact,a Jnanai that he is nothing is going to be gained and everything is to gained for the hearer(sadhaka)the teaching of shankara on Jnana.

> Everyone knows about performance of karmas as they have been dealt in the Purva mimamsa,on Karma rituals.

First of all, you are distorting the word karma by reducing it to rituals only.  The Vedas do mainly talk about rituals because they are karma par excellence and also in pre-modern times there was no distinction between sacred and secular.  But everything that is said about e.g. agnihotra or shraddha applies mutatis mutandis to every other volitional action you can think of.

Second no everyone doesn't know about performance of karma.  Members of this list come from various backgrounds.  Some have not gone through the traditional progression of study,  As Vedantins we strive for the welfare of all beings so we should try and help them out by filling in any gaps in their knowledge of correct action.  Others come to Vedantic ideas  for the
wrong reasons or with wrong notions.  To encourage such people (like Arjuna) in self-delusion is not friendly or helpful.
To Jaldhar Vyas
As usaul you have taken the role of an interpreter.Our views in the list is not for interpreting what is said in the B.G and the shruthi,but to understand them properly in their right perspective.You are not only interpreting according to your whims and fancies that karmas are not just rituals only.That job is done by the Bhashyakaras like SriShankara.we canot snatch them because we claim that vedas in the premodern times there was no distinction between sacred and secular.It is only your interpretation that makes this statement.Agnihotra or shraddha,chandrayana is at the beginning stage of an aspirant.You cannot ask a person who is steadily progressing on the path towards Jnana which is the summum bonum of like.It is not the karmas and the other rituals which make the seeker to realise.These belong to the elementarty stage in the vedas.But,one should not forget the delaration of the shruthi,smrthis which are the B.G,Upanishads and the Brahmasutra which
 form the Prasthana trayi of Advaita vedanta.If we still claim these may not be studied,and only karmas must be followed,then it shows that he has not understood ABCD of Advaita vedanta and also follows that he only audaciously ignores Sri shankara Bhagawathpada his Guru and conveniently asuumes whatever is convenient.
Read the previous posting by me explaing the B>g verse on the performance of karmas.

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