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Shankara's position makes it very clear that nityakarma helps in
neutralizing pratyavaya. And that is a great incentive to anyone regardless
of one's nishta to perform nityakarmas or else one would have to face one's
papa which will inevitable bring misery to one's body sense mind complex.

I don't see a lack of motivation to do karmas having read shankara's
position on this matter. On the other hand, it only urges one to do one's
duties/karmas, especially for mumukshus who aren't sannyasins.

2011/10/3 श्रीमल्ललितालालितः <lalitaalaalitah at gmail.com>

> All what is said above gives impression that there is no need to do
> nitya-karma if one doesn't need brahma-GYAnam.
> Or, to be more clear it gives us clear message that let us not do
> nitya-karma, there is no harm in it.
> Is that true ?
> Whatever it may be, sha~Nkara-s words are not smR^iti. He is just saying
> that abhAva can not produce anything. This is yukti. And it is clashing
> with
> smR^itis, such as -
> अकुर्वन् विहितं कर्म निन्दितं च समाचरन् ।
> प्रसञ्जञ्श्चेन्द्रियार्थेषु नरः पतनमृच्छति ॥
> (akurvan vihitaM karma ninditaM cha samAcharan.
> prasa~nja~nshchendriyArtheShu naraH patanamR^ichchhati..)
> This clearly says that non-performance of prescribed karma-s 'AND'
> performance of prohibited ones, both cause downfall.
> So, what's the way to save validity of smR^iti-s and accept logic both at
> same time ?
> Here says sha~Nkara :
> नित्यानां चाकरणमभावः । ततः प्रत्यवायानुपपत्तिः इति । अतः
> पूर्वोपचितदुरितेभ्यः प्राप्यमाणायाः प्रत्यवायक्रियाया नित्याकरणं लक्षणम् ।
> (nityAnAM chAkaraNamabhAvaH . tataH pratyavAyAnupapattiH iti. ataH
> pUrvopachitaduritebhyaH prApyamANAyAH pratyavAyakriyAyA nityAkaraNaM
> laxaNam.)
> It says that non-performance of nitya-karma points pratyavAya.
> What does it mean ? Does it pacify the conflict between smR^iti and logic
> in
> anyway ? Does it support that nitya-karma-s must be done in any way ?
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