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Will you like to see what the fifth Veda says. Lord Vishnu tells ManuĀ  in Matsya purana (52.6) "Jnana arises from Karma and that is why it (karma) is parampada. Realization of Brahma comes from Karma-Jnana and Jnana cannot arise from Akarma." Therefore the Lord asked Manu to become Yuktma in karma in order to understand the principles of spirituality. The transliterated Sanskrit verses are as follows:

KarmayogodbhavaM JnanaM tasmattat paramaM padam

KarmajnanodbhavaM Brahma na cha JnanakarmaNah


Sunil KB

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Namaste ji,

Please my replies:

> So says sha~Nkara :
> nityAnyadhigatAni karmANyupAttaduritaxayArthAni.
> But is there any scriptural proof(from veda-s) to support this view ?

KK: I am sorry I don't know of any from the shruti. I don't have as much
references from the karma kanda too. I would be glad to know if there is
shruti pramana to show the disagreement with Shankara's view.

> So, do you mean to say that even a non-saMnyAsI can leave karma-s if he is
> ready to face pratyavAya ?
> Is it permitted to not perform nitya-karma without leaving three Ashrama-s
> ?

KK: While it is a mandate for people of the 3 varnas to perform nitya karma,
there are also others like Shudras, women and nastikas who seem to be very
comfortable facing their pratyavaya. As long as one is a ashrami, one should
not abandon the nitya karmas.

> On the other hand, it only urges one to do one's
> > duties/karmas, especially for mumukshus who aren't sannyasins.
> >
> So, non-saMnyAsi-s, who are not-mumuxu-s and are still AshramI,don't need
> to
> perform nitya-karma ?

KK: The keyword is 'especially'.
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