[Advaita-l] Nitya Karma question

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If a parent is expecting to get back what all he did to a child to bring him
> up and more (shradha) that is a business transaction just like a bank.

Where was it said by anyone of us ?
You are bringing thread from another forum here, I think.

> Love
> does not
> expect anything back, in bakti also loving God with out expecting any thing
> back
> is the big principle.

dharma too teaches same.

> So if you are going to demand the next generation to do Shradha that it
> self
> is pApa,
> you will incur sin.

First of all, no one was talking about shrAddha here.
Second, you are not authority to determine what will cause puNya and what
will cause pApa. You must present scriptural evidence.

> I have read in many places that you do your duty and
> whatever you get is a prashad from Ishvara. So if the parent consider
> giving
> birth and bringing up kids is a debt, they are not worth it IMHO.

Try to follow this thread properly. You are missing almost whole matter.

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