[Advaita-l] Veda as source of dharma.

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Dear Sharmaji,

What you say does not go well with the saying that when the Smriti and Shruti does not seem to agree than what is in the Veda is only to be followed. This exhortation is precisely for the cases like this. 


Sunil KB

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It appears that Veda was not always considered to be the only and primary
source of dharma. Apstamba is a venerable rishi who predated Kumarila.

अथातस्सामयाचारिकान् धर्मान् व्याख्यास्यामः।(1.1)
धर्मज्ञ समयः प्रमाणम्।(1.2)

The first place is given to the instruction of people who know dharma.
Second place is given to Veda.
Please do not try to throw the commentaries at me. I have seen them.
च means 'also' but not 'only'.Text tourturing is not good.

Gautama Dharmasutra says.

तुल्यबलविरोधे विकल्पः।(1.4)

If the veda and instruction of people who know dharma are opposite and
of equal strength either can be followed.

Do not try to argue that such opposition cannot arise. There will be no
for Gautama to write this sutra in such a case. सूत्र रचनं व्यर्थं भवति।

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