[Advaita-l] Veda as source of dharma.

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> > Therefore the commentator says that the sutrakara is atleast illinformed
> > If not a fool to write that sutra.
> >
> No.
> He is saying that vedAshcha is third sUtra for specific reasons.

The above comment of mine is on

Here again commentary says that :
If two things have same force and a conflicts arises between them,
then you can choose any one of them.
Words or AchAra of manu, etc. are in no way have same strength as words
called veda-s possess. Why ? Because they are apauruSheya.

If other sources can never have the same strength as Veda
it is not necessary for Gautama to write that sutra तुल्यबलविरोधे विकल्पः।
Therefore in commentators view  Gautama is atleast
illinformed or a fool.


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