[Advaita-l] Scholarly Article on Why Vedas are Valid

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> Please point to me in any language. I am student of Sanskrit but have
> access
> to Sankritists who can help.

You said about article. It's like a book.
Anyway, consider to have a look at vedArthapArijAta (2 volumes) of swAmI
hariharAnanda saraswatI (karapAtri jI). It will be enough for you as he has
collected views of mImAMsaka-s, bauddha, naiyAyika-s, all.
He has other works in hindi too to support validity of vedas. I don't
remember their name as I never read hindi works.
In all his works related to veda-s, he attempted to refute bauddha-s,
naiyAyika-s, etc. as well as Arya-samAja, max muler, etc.

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