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Dear Sir,
By worrying about poorva janma samskaras one cannot achieve anything because past is fate accompli. One cannot escape bhoga for the deeds he has done.
Scriptures teach us what we can do to improve from the present level or situation one is.
The old debts cannot be known , so how many lives are required to attain moksha is also not the question.
Depending on the constitution of a personality, different paths of gyana, karma and bhakti are prescribed. select the one which is best suited for one presently. All in due course will  take you to the ultimate goal. Also no single path can be strictly chosen, some element of one is always present in other.

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Respected Members,

I have a question regarding "acceptance  of purva janma samskaras" in
present life, and nurturing present life towards moksha.
The main point here is, do we need to worry about Purva Janma Samskaras, and
use present life to eradicate and prepare for future Janma(s)( considering
that Moksha not possible in present life itself). Or we just need to
consider that we have one life and use it to reach god, in this case defeats
the purpose of Janma-Karma Sambhanda. Please tell me which is a proper

Secodly, regarding Jnana and Karma Sambandha. These days some organization
claim that Jnana alone is sufficient and some say Bhakti is enough, but less
weight-age is given to Karma equation( like Sandya, Nitya Upasana krama,
vrata etc).

Learned members please shed some light on it.

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