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Hari Om, Rajaramji,

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> *If someone pays for IVC treatment, they will expect certainity in getting
> the child. If someone spends on creating artificial rain using modern
> techniques, they will expect certainity. The question of the sceptics is
> why
> cannot Vedic Yajnas be subjected to the same level of scrutiny.

Any Vedic yaGYa cannot have an unrelated adhikAra and sa~Nkalpa at its root.
What kind of undefined kAmya karma would it be with a sa~Nkalpa of scrutiny?
A self-styled "scientist" friend of mine proposed to fund such a yaGYa no
matter what the cost and reward (within reasonable limits) to produce rain.
He said he'd choose some godforsaken desert and the driest month to conduct
such yaGYA & all he expected was cost refund if the yaGYa failed. I outright
rejected him since there is neither a vaidika sa~Nkalpa of wanting rain for
social good here, a genuine cause, nor is it with any shraddhA. With such
flaws at its start, there is no way a good set of qualified purohits will be
available and there is no way that it would result in rains. That is the
problem with those using logic comparing across totally disparate things.
Pardon me, but this is verily the case of one who has only a hammer, seeing
everything as a nail. The tools of science, modern logic inclusive, are
useless in assessing Vedic yaGya or their phalAs. The experiment is only as
valid as someone saying that he'd use Vedic yaGYa to verify the Large Hadron

> I am
> discussion with an expert on astrology on predicting share prices. He says
> he is able to achieve 70% accuracy. I want to get it to the level of 100%
> accuracy. *

There are many dependencies here, similar to, though not same as, many
dependencies in technical analysis, fundamental analysis or whatever of
stock markets. In astrology, the benefits would vary drastically on
dashA-bhukti of a person despite the share price. So, in a specific
application to a person, the accuracy can go very high, but in a generic
application as to a stock price, it can't. So the right astrology prediction
would likely deal with questions such as if a particular person can make a
sum of money from stock market in a particular sector at a particular time.
Any thing beyond, to my understanding, is using a hammer for something other
than nails. One who believes in Vedic astrology would more likely say: no
matter what the stock price, my dashA-bhukti, etc, will decide if I earn
from it or lose.

--Praveen R. Bhat
/* Through what should one know That owing to which all this is known!
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