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Respected sir, 
>From time immemorial the question of comparing scientific theories with philosophical theories have been questioned and discussed by many. A common thing which people always miss is that the scientific theories are in the realm of world and spiritual theories are in the realm of transcendental.
So comparison of Darwin's theory with Sankara's vedanta is a useless task. Philosophy clearly states that where the worldly knowledge ends, the spiritual knowledge starts. We have two different types of knowledge in operation here. (Sukshma buddhi and tikshna buddhi)
Just because a philosophical theory cannot fit in the scientific theory or vice versa, one cannot throw away the other. Ultimately it is the belief which one adheres to, even though there may not be an immediate proof of it. Finally with so many intellectual personalities in any fields is available, one cannot force the other on his point of view. The acceptance comes on its own because of his belief which also changes with time.

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Can some experienced member(s) please answer the interesting questions
raised by Sri Rajaram below?


> Hare Krishna. I would like to know if there is an article by traditional
scholars on why Vedas are valid as the means of knowledge. This is important
because of the following reasons:

   1. The origin of the Universe as we know through scientific investigation
   is significantly different from the the different descriptions in the
   2. The origin and evolution of life forms on earth are different from the
   creationist view
   3. The structure of the solar system and the cosmos are different from
   modern astronomy
   4. Historical and linguistic analysis show that Vedic literatures were
   created at different points in time and grew through accretion
   5. The existence of practical results of Vedic yajnas have not been and
   are not considered to be subject to verification
   6. There are different interpretations and points of view within the
   Vedic lore

In short, there are internal inconsistencies and inconsitencies with
observed phenomena. This causes adhrents to leave the path. And people seem
to pursue the Vedic path for peace and due to subjective realization.
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