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> Some people say we have to worship only back side of the cow not the
> face because there is a Shapa of Seeta Maate on the cow. Is this
> correct?

Shri Rama was at gayA to do piNDa-dAna. He went for some thing and time of
piNDa-dAna was elapsing. So, sItA mAtA did piNDa-dAna making cow, river and
some tree as witness.
When shrI rAma came, matA told about this and asked to confirm with
witnesses. Cow, river, etc. negated and some one(don't remember) confirmed.
So, cow got curse for telling lie. river(falgu) got cursed and it now flows
under sand and hence is called antaH-salilA. I think tree was palAsha and it
too got curse. I don't remember which or who confirmed.
This story was read long ago. I don't have any clue about where it occurs

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