[Advaita-l] Scholarly Article on Why Vedas are Valid

Ramesh Krishnamurthy rkmurthy at gmail.com
Mon Oct 17 12:13:49 CDT 2011

Dear Rajaram,

On 17 October 2011 15:16, Rajaram Venkataramani <rajaramvenk at gmail.com>wrote:

> Dear Ramesh, I started this thread to know if there is a scholarly
> approach to establish Vedas as valid. The best argument I saw was Sri
> Vidyasankar's that  it is axiomatic truth. Sri Ragahv's arguments help
> in expanding it. Of course, one could take a statement in the Vedas
> and say it is not true as per pratyaksha or anumana. We may need a
> case by case defence. Sri Lalitalalita believes it is defendable using
> pratyaksha and anumana. If it is postulated in clear terms, that will
> be better than axiomatic truth approach.

In principle, I am not saying anything different from what Vidyasankar said,
both in this thread as well as in the other one on apauruSheyatva. In fact,
what Vidyasankar said was merely a restatement of the traditional position
using different terminology and imagery.

Now, if you understood what Vidyasankar said, then your quest is futile. If
you did not understand it, well, we cannot say anything more.


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