[Advaita-l] मायामात्रमिदं द्वैतं, अद्वैतं परमार्थतः

Vidyasankar Sundaresan svidyasankar at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 17 15:34:33 CDT 2011

Please also read Hajime Nakamura's A history of Indian Philosophy online
(page 274 onwards) for a fairly comprehensive survey of the literature on this
issue. As always, one may want to disagree with the conclusions presented,
but Prof. Nakamura's treatment of the associated sources is exhaustive. It
seems as if even as early as vimuktAtman (ishTasiddhi) and amalAnanda
(vedAnta kalpataru), the entire first chapter of the kArikA may have been
considered Sruti (or at least the sentences quoted by these authors, if not
the entire prakaraNa were considered Sruti).

> I thank all those who responded to this question of mine. The inputs
> provided are indeed useful and provide material for further thought.
> Best regards,
> subrahmanian.v

On a related note, when I researched the attribution of the prakaraNa grantha
called pancIkaraNa, I came across the entire first sentence of that text (sac-
chabdavAcyam avidyA-SabalaM brahma ... ... pancamahAbhUtedbhyo 'khilaM
jagat) in the triSikhI-brAhmaNopanishat ascribed to the Sukla yajurveda. And
of course, the sentence "adhyAropApavAdAbhyaM nishprapancaM prapancyate"
is quoted in the gItAbhAshya as from a sampradAyavit.
What that taught me is that quotations and references in Indian texts need to be 
treated very very carefully. 

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