[Advaita-l] Māyāmatram etc

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Mon Oct 17 17:54:58 CDT 2011

V Subrahmaniam wrote: So I would
think that there could be some upanishadic base for the मायामात्रमिदं
...idea too.
Namaste, if the question is whether Māyāmatram has a basis in Sruti then I would fully agree with you. In addition to Sri Anand's quotes we also have Atmabodha upanishad 2.20 which has Māyāmatram-vikāsatvān māyāteeto'ham advayah. Vidyashankar pointed out Nakamura San's comprehensive discussion on this topic, but I am sure we would all agree that whether this verse is Sruti or not does not detract from the greatness and force of the verse. Whilst I have undertood (and please correct me if I have misunderstood) the original question to be about whether the karika verse in question can technically be described as Sruti because it appears in an acknowledged Sruti text (which was the basis of my answer), one could argue that the verse has all the weight and force of a Sruti text regardless of how it is labelled. In other words, even if this verse were not traced to a Sruti text (current concordances find no other reference) then what of it? If a Sruti text has anubhavamātram as its basis then what is there to distinguish the karika from a Sruti text that creates the right conditions for knowledge within the seeker? As I have mentioned before, I memorise and recite portions of the Bhashya , the vartikas and the karikas with the same care and diligence as veda mantra. I know this was not the intent of the question, but I would hate to think that one needed to describe the karika as a Sruti for it to be taken seriously. Regards Subhanu  		 	   		  

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