[Advaita-l] On the nature of muula avidya

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Shree Venkatesh Murthy - PraNAms 

In the darkness that I am experience there is dvaita due to triad - experiencer-experienced-experiencing. 
Advaita is the substantive for the triad.
With the knowledge that I am that Brahman, the light of consciousness, the substantive that is illuminating even the darkness (or ignorance), the triad is reduced to mithyaa - and therefore ontologically of lower order of reality to count as real dvaita. Apparent duality is only apparent but not real. That understanding is realization of the advaita that is there all the time even when there is apparent darkness or ignorance. Without that realization, even though it is advaita, the apparent dvaita has mistaken as real. This gets further confirmed with the theories that says this apparent dvaita is real, as in the evolution theory that is being discussed.  
Hari Om!

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Before light is switched on in the room you can see darkness only.
There is no object there but only you. Can you say you experience
Advaita condition in the darkness because only you are there. Nothing.
When Light is switched on you can see objects. There is Dvaita there
because you can see many objects.

Can you conclude in darkness there is Advaita but in Light there is
Dvaita? If so Dvaita is better because it is better to be in Light not
darkness.   To prove it is wrong you should argue there is Dvaita in
Darkness and Advaita in Light. How?


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