[Advaita-l] On the nature of muula avidya

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But what is there in Darkness to experience. Nothing. I don't see any
object. Only I am there.  Why say there is Dvaita ?

Same in Sleep. I am only there. No dream and no object is seen. There
is Advaita. When awake I see all objects.
When I say I see darkness, there is duality of seer -seen and more importantly the mind being aware of darkness. 
This is different from deep sleep where mind itself is folded. I do not know that I am even sleeping during the sleep since the instrument for knowledge, the mind is not there. I do not know I am even ignorant in my deep sleep state. Therefore there is no dvaita in deep sleep state and one is blissful as Subbuji pointed out that non-duality in deep sleep state is bliss but three is no knowledge of advaita in deep-sleep state for the same reason that mind the instrument for knowledge is not there.
Hence darkness that I am aware of using the mind, is different from deep sleep state. People are afraid of darkness but not of deep sleep state, there is dvaita in the former but not in the later.
Hari Om!

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