[Advaita-l] Entities in liberated state

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> > Who knows I am Brahman in the case of a Jnani? It cannot be the body
> > because
> > it is not a knower. It cannot be the mind because any conviction that
> > arises
> > in the mind is temporary and not perceived in deep sleep.
> Correct.
> It's aha~NkAra or chit-jaDa-granthi.
> *But aha~NkAra also cannot know because it does not have instrument of
> knowledge such as the eye or mind. So it has to be Ishwara or Jiva. Ishwara
> and Jiva (incl. Jnani) have upadhis. So, they cannot know through direct
> experience that "I am Nirupadhika Brahman". This means that there is no one
> including Ishwara who knows suddha-brahman through direct experience for us
> to learn from. Or if we accept that Ishwara and Jnani are able to alternate
> between being nirupadhika brahman and a liberated teacher, then we have the
> contingency of accepting multiple entities in the liberated state. If we say
> that the difference between the teachers are unreal, then we have to concede
> that the teachers are also unreal because the difference between them and
> the teachers are both products of upadhis. So, either we accept that there
> are multiple entities in the liberated state or none. How do you solve this?
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