[Advaita-l] Vishnu pathathi keshanta stotra

Kalyan K kalyankc.81 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 27 09:08:41 CDT 2011


> There is no story of Adi Sankara visiting Tirupati in the Sankara Dig

Thanks for mentioning this. I am not aware of the original source for
mentioning that Sankara visited Tirupati (i took it from the kamakoti
website). It would be interesting to know the source.

>There was a dispute about Tirupati if it was Vishnu or another God
> like Devi or Subrahmanya.

As far as I know, advaitins were not part of the dispute. So I do not see
why Sankara would not have considered Venkateswara as Vishnu. Of course, it
is a different matter if Sankara really visited Tirupati.

Please note that Saivaites were not necessarily the followers of Sankara.
Just because Sankara might have had some opinion, it does not mean that
Saivaites would hold the same opinion.

Having said that, Tirupati was primarily considered as a Vaishnavite shrine
(though disputed) even before Ramanuja. It is just that Ramanuja is supposed
to have "settled" the dispute once and for all.


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