[Advaita-l] 'Difference' is due to 'upAdhi'

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> >
> > Is there any clue as to which shruti the first quoted passage in the BSB
> > above belongs? It surely must be from a shruti as Shankara says:
> > *मोक्षशास्त्रे.
> > *Have any other Acharyas quoted this Shruti/passage?
> >
> I would be cautious about taking the term mokshaSAstra in the bhAshya-s as
> primarily referring to Sruti. The term could be quite elastic in
> application and
> it would be nice to see exactly what text such a quote can be traced to.
> Regards,
> Vidyasankar

Your comment is quite pertinent.  I also banked upon the adhyAsabhAShya
sentence '.....sarvANi cha shAstrANi vidhi-pratiShedha-mokShaparANi.'  For
this sentence the RatnaprabhA vyAkhyA says:  //tatra vidhi-niShedhaparANi
karmashAstrANi RgvedAdIni, vidhi-niShedha-shUnya-pratyagbrahma-parANi
mokShashAstrANi vedAntavAkyAni iti vibhAgaH.//

Dear Balasubramanian,

The Amrtabindu upanishad contains the second quoted passage even as the
Brahma bindu upanishad (?) has this passage.  These two upanishads seem to
be the same, with two different names. However, the first quoted passage  -
यथा ह्ययं ज्योतिरात्मा विवस्वानपो भिन्ना बहुधैकोऽनुगच्छन् ।
  उपाधिना क्रियते भेदरूपो  देवः क्षेत्रेष्वेमजोऽयमात्मा । इति । is not there
in the Amrta/brahma bindu upanishad.


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