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Jiiva/jagat/Iswara triangular format is resolved into aatma/anaatma or saakshii/saakshyam binary format during nidhidhyaasana with the understanding that aatma or saaskhii is real and anaatma/saakshyam is mithyaa. As long as jiiva is visualized as separate from jagat then Iswara is also there as jagat kaaraNam. 
In the resolution of jiiva-jagat-Iswara into the binary format of aatma/anaatma, the mithyaa anaatma reduces to Vibhuti of aatma only. Politely we can say it is Iswara vibhuuti; understandingly we can feel it as aatma vibhuuti. This is the reason why we can see even Bhagavat paada composing so many slokas on many gods that we are familiar. Is Iswara separate or the same as jiiva - it depends on our understanding of what jiiva stands for – depends on with or without the Vedantic knowledge - triangular or binary format.
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///   Ishvara is independant of jiva:
According to advaita, jiva is indeed ishvara. //
Accordingly to Advaita, even the Ishwaratva is also a "bhrama".

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