[Advaita-l] Who is the author of yoga-sudhAkara vRtti on the yoga sUtra-s ?

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SrI sadASiva brahmendra was the popular name of the sannyAsin named sadASivendra
sarasvatI. A number of his poetic compositions were tuned to Carnatic music by the well
known musician, Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer, and a few others. A number of dArSanika
texts are also attributed to the same author.

His guru was paramaSivendra sarasvatI (author of dahara vidyA prakASikA), who was a
disciple of abhinava nArAyaNendra sarasvatI (author of pancIkaraNa vArttika), who was a
disciple of jnAnendra sarasvatI (author of tattvabodhinI, a commentary on bhaTTojI
dIkshita's siddhAntakaumudI, a grammar treatise). 
The reason I write out the above is that when a question of authorship or identity comes
up, it would be a good idea to go through descriptions in the colophons and also look at
the verses written by the author in honor of the guru, paramaguru etc. If the names in
these are different in a given text, then there is a high chance that the authors are not
the same, although they may share a name.

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> Subject: [Advaita-l] Who is the author of yoga-sudhAkara vRtti on the yoga sUtra-s ?
> Is it shrI sadashiva-brahmendra svAmI or is it shrI sadashivendra sarasvatI ?
> We have
> 1. The composer of popular songs like "mAnasa sanchara re, brahmaNi",
> "pibare rAma rasam" etc., composed by Sri sadashiva-brahmendra svAmI
> who was an avadhUta
> 2. The author of yoga-sudhAkara vRtti on the pAtan~jala yoga sUtra-s.
> 3. The author of a brahma-sUtra-vRtti, and treatises like
> siddhanta-kalpavalli on appayya-dIkShita's siddhAnta-lesha-sangraha.
> etc.
> Are they all the same ?
> Thanks in advance
> Raghav
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