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> .First of all,in the first chapter of his "Sri Bhashya"he quotes from
> "Gaudapada's Karikas on Mandukyopanishad,he quotes the Karika 16 of the
> "Agama Prakarana"
> "Anadi mayaya supto yada jivah prabudhyate!
> Ajam anidram asvapnam advaitam budhyate tada!!"


Does the SrIbhAshya give the reference of the above verse as from the
Gaudapada kArikA?  This is because, for instance, the Madhva school takes
this and other kArikA-s found in that prakaraNa as the Mandukya shruti
itself.  Some kArikA-s from this parakaraNa have been cited as 'shruti' by
Advaita Acharyas too.  That apart, the term 'mAyA' and 'advaita' could mean
something else for non-Advaitic schools.  For example in the Madhwa
commentary the term 'mAyA' here means 'Ishwara icchA' and the explanation
is: jivas are in samsara because of IshwarecchA and come out of samsara due
to the same IshwarecchA.

I think Ramanuja believed that only adhyAsa cannot be there.


> If Ramanuja believed that there is no maya or avidya,why did he quote from
> the Karikas?
> More over,the word "Advaitam"clearly establishes that Advaita is
> Paramartha which supports Adi Shankara's siddhanta.
> There are many evidences in his bhashya that he was a "karma
> revivalist"despite many statements in the Sruthi tests which clearly
> condemns "Karma".
> N.Srikanta.
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