[Advaita-l] geetha vedhantham

viji sridhar vijisri26 at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 5 08:19:50 CDT 2012

To all my advaita friends, 
In just 1 weeks you can take advantage of the unique concert presented by Vijay Shiva. Here is synopsis:

a http://ideasrs.com/what-will-vijay-siva-sing-at-the-geetha-vedantham-concert-2/

The concert is free for all I am including herewith the invite:

If you are in Chennai, love Carnatic Music, you simply cannot miss Geetha Vedantham. If you are in Chennai, are a student of Vedantha, you simply must be there for the Geetha Vedantham concert. If you are simply curious as to what Geetha Vedantham is all about you have to experience this concert.

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