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Shreeman Ravi Chandrasekharaji - My praNAms
Frankly I am enjoying the Leela of the Lord as it is unfolding, which includes your comments. Please pardon me; I am not undermining your sentiments. Your vision of sanatana dharma obviously differs from theirs and I happen to concurr with theirs. I am reminded of Bhagavan Ramanuja preaching on the top of his voice the secred matra that he learned from his teacher to everybody to uplift the masses, even though he was told that he will incurr an eternal sin for doing that.  What is dharma and what is adharma is very difficult to differentiate at times - says our  scriptures. Obviously I have no interest in getting into such discussions other leaving to His divine grace to decide and sit back and watch how He operates - including the interesting responses to these posts.    
I just finished watching on youtube Krishnaleela movie as it was captivating and forgot myself completely that I have to prepare for the talk tomorrow. I am asked to talk on Krishna leela and  will be speaking on Shree Krishna Karnaamrutam, an enchanting work by a great poet of 11th century, Bilvamangala Leelashuka. It is said that he was so involved with the experience of Krishna leelas and in the divine music of Lord Krishna that the Lord's musical notes expressed themselves in the poetic form. We will take a short glimpse of this divine beauty to let our minds soak in that nectar of Lord's leelas. 
Hari Om!

>I read this but it is against shastras to teach Vedic chanting (Rudram, etc) to those who have no vedaadhikara. These are Italians who are outside chaturvarna. Only those who have undergone upanayana ( Those males born to Braahmana,Kshatriya,Vaishya families). Even then, they need to regularly perform sandhya-vandana before learning Veda chanting.
>Ravi Chandrasekhara

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