[Advaita-l] interesting info on krishnashtami day

Rajaram Venkataramani rajaramvenk at gmail.com
Sat Aug 11 01:59:14 CDT 2012

On Saturday, August 11, 2012, praveen kumar wrote:

> Jaldharji,
> I am surprised to read comments like your view,their view on an eternal
> principle by an esteemed member.Can these principles vary from one person
> to another?
> Ofcourse it is a scandal that these people have assumed self authority to
> do anything and everything they think it is their ultimate
> aim of life.In essence,what these people are conveying is all those
> pitru,rishis and deva gana have no role in deciding
> which yoni/varna one takes the birth based on karma and guna and moves
> along but which we take control in our hand and decide ourselves and
> change!!!
> The final question,who has to discipline such erring people?
> RV: If I ask how can erring people like you be corrected, will you like
it? Mere rudeness is knowledge. Please answer how Gautama decided the
gotra, sutra and sakha of Satyakama. Otherwise, please don't pose knowledge
of the sampradaya on this topic.

23 Italians were given Shiva Diksha in a Veda Patashala run by Sringeri
Mutt. They were also taught rudram etc. The mutt pays the salary of the
teacher and Raja Sastrigal provides food, accommodation etc. Sastrigal
himself is trained in a traditional gurukula.

Like Sri Shivashankar, these Italians have assumed names such as Sri
Shivananda, Smt. Saraswati etc. . If you think what Sri Raja Sastrigal did
is wrong, then write to Sringeri and Kanchi Mutts. He has their stamp of


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