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Shree Krishna Karnamrutam-3
Here is one of the beautiful images of Baala Krishna that Leelasuka leaves with us. Many may already know this sloka without knowing who the author was. Many of the slokas are so enchanting that children can learn these slokas very fast. 
karaara vindena padaaravindam
padaara vinde viniveshayantam|
vatasya patrasya pute shayaanam
baalam mukundam manasaa smaraami||
Here is Lord Krishna depicted as vatapatra shaayi – lying on a banyan tree as a small baby who is pulling his right leg with his hands and putting the toe-thumb in his mouth trying to suck. As the thumb slips out, he pulls again and try to suck. Banyan tree is very symbolic in our scriptures and occurs in many places. As the tree grows from the branches, the roots start coming down and get into the earth to provide not only support for the expanding tree like pillars but also means for supporting the tree from wider area of the land. This way the banyan tree becomes very huge and ever expanding by firmly rooting itself into the ground. This is in a way our samsara gets firmly rooted into the ground that is difficult to uproot. The roots that are coming down are our attachments  spreading all over the world, some children in America, some in Europe, some in India, and at each place the roots going deeper and deeper and also stronger and stronger. This
 is ever expanding samsara tree. 
VaTa vRiksham or banyan tree is also a symbolic of faith of the seeker says Swami Tejomayanandaji in his recent talk on Ramayana. Panca vaTi –therefore involves five-fold faith required for a sadhak for his pursuit  of the ultimate truth. a) Faith in the existence of God, b) Faith in the scriptures c) Faith in the teacher and the teaching d) Faith in oneself – aatma viswasam that I can realize in this life itself and e) Faith in the efficacy of sadhana that it will take me to the highest goal. 
It is under the shadow of VaTa vRiksham or banyan tree that Lord Shiva sits as Dakshinamurthy and teaches the highest Vedanta to the qualified seekers, who have realized that all other pursuits to gain happiness are in vain. VaTa viTapi samiipe bhuumi bhaage nishannaam …; … vaTataror mule vRiddhaa shiShyaa gurur yuvaa… , says DakshiNamurthy stotram. 
In Chandogya Upanishad Uddalaka while teaching asks Swetaketu to look at the big banayan tree there in the grounds and ask him to bring a seed from the tree. When he brings, he asked him to cut it and examine – Swetaketu cuts it and looks inside and finds there nothing that he can identify as something. Uddaalaka says that you cannot see clearly but it is there and from that subtle thing the whole tree is created – thus explaining how manifestation of this ever expanding samsara can come when the seeds are sown in proper environment conducive for their growth. The unmanefested vaasanaas now express themselves as ever expanding samsara like the Banyan tree. 
Baby Krishna is lying down on the leave of that Banyan tree, leave that can float even in the high sees thus carrying the remnants of the vasanas of all jiivas. This is a symbolic picture of maha pralayam where the whole universe goes into subtle form. Aravinda is lotus which grows in the muudy waters but does not get affected by the muddy environment. Krishna says I am untouched by the actions that being performed by all beings although he resides in every one. …mastaani sarva bhuutani na ca aham teshu avathitaH| Thus their modifications, trials and tribulations do not affect me, even though they are all in Me, mastaani sarva bhuutani. The feet of the Lord is symbolism of the jiivas that are travelling around and around the lokas – one life after the other – He is pulling the leg and putting into the mouth showing that there is the real peace that one is longing for and one can gain that only by surrendering to the Lord, whose breathing-in and
 breathing-out represents the life force that is getting activated and being withdrawn. The toe-thumb keeps slipping out the mouth and Lord is again pulling back into the mouth – as vaasaanas propel the jiivas to search for happiness elsewhere. 
Leelasuka says to that baala mukunda I prostrate with my full heart. 
Hari Om!

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