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Thu Aug 16 06:59:21 CDT 2012

for example that through an analysis of the 3 states alone without 
recourse to Shruti knowledge can accrue. This is a popular 
misrepresentation of Sri Swamiji’s views

praNAms Sri Subhanu prabhuji
Hare Krishna

Pardon me prabhuji,  even after reading yours & Sri Atmachaitanya's 
objects in Sri SSS list, I am not able to understand what exactly is this 
misrepresentation and who propagated it in the name of Sri SSS ??  But it 
is true that Sri SSS has emphasized the deeper analysis of vedAntic 
avasthAtraya prakriya than any other advaita prakriya commentators.   As 
this prakriya assumes nothing,  needs no blind belief in unquestioned 
authority of scriptures and more importantly this vedAntic prakriya jnAna 
seeks aid of no special intuition like nirvikalpa samAdhi.  The anubhava 
is so universal, hence Sri SSS insists that shruti vAkya janita jnAna can 
be intuited in the light of 'sArvatrika pUrNAnubhava'.  In his Kannada 
master piece paramArtha chitAmaNi (an exclusively dedicated work on 
avasthAtratya prakriya) and avasthAtraya chandrika (collection of Sri SSS 
articles on avasthA traya) he discusses the efficacy of this prakriya when 
it is done with the shruti pramANa.  So, IMHO, swamiji's views on this 
avasthA traya prakriya have more significance when compared to other 
advaita vedAnta vyAkhyAna-s.  But it does not anyway mean that Sri SSS 
treating this prakriya as an independent pramANa for the advaita jnAna. 

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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