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Rajaram Venkataramani rajaramvenk at gmail.com
Sun Aug 19 05:42:18 CDT 2012

 Actually there is one flaw in your theory Mr.Rajaram. Suppose we
> accept that acharya gave up his body once after 32 years, then lived
> with Sureshwaracharya for 1200 years & finally left his body in
> Kanchi, shouldn't the Kanchi peetham have records of acharya passing
> away in 820 AD? Instead their records say that acharya passed away in
> 509BC! If your theory were to be true, surely Kanchi peetham would
> hold some records that acharya passed away 1200 years after giving up
> his body once & not before 1200 years, i.e the time of acharya's 1st
> death as you say.

RV: There is no logical flaw in the theory. It seems difficult to accept to
our rational minds because of its eccentricity. When Sankara disappeared
2500 years ago, everyone carried on with their business of initiating
sankaracharyas. They were hardly travelling and meeting each other, which
is any way difficult. So, they did not meet Sankara and Sureshwaracharya at
Sringeri who were discussing Vedanta and worshipping SaradAmbal. Sankara
had only disappeared from other's sight 2500 years ago. When the
kailashavasis called Sankara to come back, 1200 years back, he actually
went. Then Sureshwara also left after initiating like other matathipathis.
You can verify this theory by studying the life of Sureshwara to see if
there is any record of long life by Sureshwara.

> One thing that amuses me is that the Puri Govardhan peetham is headed
> by HH Jagadguru Nischalananda Saraswati who is the 115th pontiff or
> so! While this is the case with Govardhan peetham, the Jagadguru of
> Sringeri Sharada peetham is only the 36th Jagadguru. The number of
> pontiffs of the Govardhan peetham is over 3 times that of Sringeri!
> What could possibly be the reason for such a vast difference?
RV: That is because Sureshwara was not initiating for 1200 years.

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