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> now you can understand easily what is *sa-vikalpa* & *nir-vikalpa*which is
> self-explanatory.

vikalpa is a specific vR^itti generated by shabda and having alIka as it's
subject - according to the sUtra quoted.

I was talking of GYAna, i.e a specific vR^itti and others were talking of
samAdhi, i.e. specific type of restraint if vR^itti-s.
Now, where does the vikalpa quoted by you fits ?
Not in GYAnam.
Why ?
Because, nirvikalpa-GYAnam will mean a GYAnam(vR^itti) devoid of
vikalpa(again a vR^itti). As no vR^itti is knwon as attribute of other, so
all vR^itti-s will become nirvikalpaka. In other words, that which is not
possible can't be negated.

This defined vikalpa is not applicable to samAdhi too.
Why ?
Because, no samAdhi is taught with vikalpa(a vR^itti having alIka as
subject) anywhere.
So, every samAdhi will become nirvikalpa.

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