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Dear Sri Sadananda
In Upadesa Sahasri Sri Acharya refutes the Vaiseshika doctrine-which does 
not admit of Self/Athman- of Kanada -slokas51-66-.Whether Nyaayavaisheshika 
which you have referred to  is altogether a different 
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PraNAms - In NyaayavaisheShika, vikalpa method is used as a method in the 
arguments by providing possible choices for purvapashi's statement and 
refuting each of choices thereby dismissing the original statement as 
invalid. in that sense vikalpa is a choice, which shree Vidyaranya plays on 
that term to refute the Nayya philosophy itself as anyaaya in Ch.1 - tatva 
viveka in sloka 49-50,( I think).
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>A: The absence of awareness of the distinction of the seer, the seen and
>the act of seeing is indeed its special characteristic. The Atman is
>clearly perceived. Further, supreme bliss is experienced.

Implication of the above statement that has the words - perceived - 
experienced - I would understand the distinctions of seer-seen-seeing or 
tripuTi are understood as mithyaa with clear understanding of the self that 
I am is the substantive of all without any above distinctions and supreme 
bliss is the nature of the divisionless state - as though - experienced 
since it is the self that I am which is aparoksham or direct and immediate.

Hari Om!
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