[Advaita-l] Mudras in the vedas

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Wed Aug 22 23:19:32 CDT 2012

Devi Bhagavata (gAyatri upAsana khaNDa) do mention about these 32 mudrAs.
24 mudrAs are displayed before the commencement of gAyatri japa and
8 are displayed after the japa.  So, total 32 in mudrAs which have
esoteric signifance.
First of all, you need to understand that mudrAs are to be learnt under
competent master because mudrA is a technique of arresting cosmic
force through twisting of fingers.  And with the display of these mudrAs,
that particular cosmic force gets delight (mudaM rAtIti mudrA or
mudaM dadAti iti mudrA).
Showing of mudrAs as a part of sandhyAvandana, though not mandatory,
is a good practice but there is no pratyavAya doSa in omitting that.
Performing nyAsAs, mudrAs and the dhyAna of gAyatri as "muktA-vidruma..." etc.
gives a "shAkta twist" to sandhyAvandana which is why sandhyOpAsana is often
termed as devi upAsana *which if done perfectly*, one doesn't require even the srIvidya also.

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