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Sun Aug 26 19:26:55 CDT 2012

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Dear Members,

Today is a very special day for us. Yes, exactly 8 months back - on 21st
Dec 2011, on Maha Periva's Aradhana day, we launched this initiative to get
all the Periva devotees together. And today, exactly on completion of the
8th month, we have the 800th member registered in our Kanchi Periva Forum.
It just cannot be another coincidence - this network is growing and
progressing so rapidly, purely with the blessings of Sri Maha Periva.

With His Anugraham, this network shall continue to grow stronger and surely
will achieve the purpose of keeping Sri Maha Periva's life and teachings
alive, and ever-present in the minds of His devotees. His grace shall
continue to protect us all and our families.

On this occasion, we would like to dedicate a very special gift to you all
- what more can be a treasure than this? Yes, we are presenting two
carefully compiled albums of photos of Sri Maha Periva - all in all, 2000
photos - you can be sure that quite a lot of them would be unseen until
now, and arguably there is no other single place on the web where you can
get to see such a big collection of Periva photos.

We hope you will enjoy this, download as required and pass on the links to
all your friends and relatives too. Please also ask them all to become
members of our Forum to get many more such gifts of treasure.

Album 1 -

Album 2 -

In His Service
Administrator - Kanchi Periva Forum
Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

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