[Advaita-l] Why realization is difficult?

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        It was a happy coincidence.
I am reproducing here a mail I received from another group today. 
A Nama from Vishnu Sahasranama:
778 OM durgamaaya namaH . 
"One Who is realized with difficulty."* In Bhaagavata there is a statement 
that the Lord is easily obtained (A-dur-gamah). For those who have not already 
developed extreme meditative abilities in their devoted hearts, the processes 
of self development, when studied from a book or heard from a teacher, the 
immediate reaction in the bosom of such students will be that it is very 
difficult. But as he marches forward in his saadhanaa he gains the further 
guidance and inspiration to 'go-forward'. More bounteous aspects on him beam 
and the 'kindly light' leads him safely to the goal through all obstacles. A 
candle or torch can at best light up only ten or fifteen yards in front of a 
traveller. It can never illuminate the whole path of one or two miles at a 
stretch. He has to start and proceed as far as he can see and as he marches 
ahead the forward stretches will be illuminated. 
* (Durgam pathastatkavayo vadanti.) --Kathopanishad-1.3.14. 

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Hare Krishna
What are the obstacles? 
> ajnAna
Who has that? 
>  the person who has this question in his mind & asking it for the 
clarification (reference vide sUtra bhAshya of shankara)
Why is he not able to remove them?
>  lack of sAdhana

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