[Advaita-l] Advaiti Response to this report?

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But they will say there is no example for neither true nor false
thing. If you say Sukti Rajata is Mithya they will say it is Asat.
Nobody has a doubt is the Sukti Rajata is true or false? Everybody
will say it is false. The world is not Mithya. It may be called as
Temporary because it can get destroyed but not Mithya. If your
relative is born and lives for 70 years and dies will you call him
Mithya? He was temporary living being but you cannot say he was
Mithya. His Jiva is re-born somewhere.

Like this world is getting created protected and destroyed and the
cycle is continuing. Why should we call the world Mithya? The nature
of the world is temporary real. But not Mithya. Severe criticism
coming from them is Advaita makes the whole world a silly mistake. It
never happened. We are imagining this world. A person with
hallucination talks like this.

The Jiva goes through  three states. But a dream object is also real.
There is no object in dreamless sleep. How can it show world is

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> Venkatesha Murthy - PraNams
> Fundamental problem as is evident in these criticisms is not appreciating mithyaa aspect of the world - which constitutes neither real nor unreal. For both dvita and vishiShTaadvaita sat and asat are mutually exclusive and there is nothing what is neither sat nor asat. Ninety percent of their criticisms are centered on this - In Advaita Siddhi Shree Madhusudana discusses five definitions of falsity that were provided by advaita aachaaryas.
> It is difficult for them to understand that very negation of advaita is negation of the negator himself. No proof is needed for self-existence and self alone exists is evident in the deep sleep state. Mantra 7 of Mandukya has to be understood. Will be understood if not in this life, in the next life.The rest is suShka vaadas only - just waste of time.
> Hari Om!
> Sadananda
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> Namaste
> Kindly see some comments from this list members are referred in this
> and Dvaita responses are given for debates -
> http://www.sumadhwaseva.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/Defeat-of-Advaitins.pdf
> Vidyaranya Vs Akshobhya Tirtha
> Appayya Dikshita VsĀ  Vijayeendra Tirtha
> Ananthakrishna Sastri Vs Satyadhyana Tirtha
> Karapatriswamy Vs Vidyamanya Tirtha
> ' A protected monument is an evidence which cannot be denied so easily.
> It is not strange on the part of an Advaitin to deny evidences when he
> is denying the visible world itself.'
> 'Later Vidyamanyathirtha threw an open challenge. He announced that he
> would present one lack Rupees to whoever establishes Advaita. Where
> had your students or scholars or you had hidden at that time?'
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