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I am reposting this message (originally from Samskrita group) in the
hope that it would be useful to students. Many thanks to Shri
Ramesh-ji, Shri Praveen-ji, and Shri Shankara-ji for pointers to these
lectures some time back.


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namaste Samskrita students,

I recently came across some excellent Laghu Siddanta Kaumudi lectures
by H.H. Swami Divyananda Saraswati-ji from Kailash (Kailasa) Ashram,

The lectures are simply brilliant and the clarity of Pujya Swami-ji is
really astounding.  He explains many finer points of even
bhaimi-vyaakhya with such an ease that it all seems too simple! I am
sure that anyone would be surprised at the rigor in His lectures.

These lectures cover a huge section of LSK *including* ti~ngantas. In
this sense, it seems that they cover more material than similar
lectures available at other locations.

The lectures are in mp3 file format, packed in 2DVDs, are 200+ in
number, and each of them span around 40min, with the language of
medium being (saral) Hindi. One can obtain the DVDs from the following


Kailasa Ashram
Uttarakhand – 249201
Phone – 0135 – 2430598
email: kailasaashram at gmail.com

Many praNAmams to Shri Pujya Swami-ji, His dedication to the language,
His scholarship, and His guru parampara, and the kindness to all the
people who have made such high quality learning material available for
us in this digital age. We indeed are blessed to have it available for


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