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> Namaste

> What is problem to say Satya can also be cycle type change?. The world
> is changing but it is a cycle.

Shankara has distinguished two types in nitya: pariNAmi nitya (which is
mAyA) and kUTastha nitya (which is Brahman).  The 'cycle' type changing
nitya is mAyA which the Lord Himself has specified as 'bhUta prakRti
moksham' in the concluding verse of the 13th ch. BG.

> >
> > Like this world is getting created protected and destroyed and the
> > cycle is continuing. Why should we call the world Mithya? The nature
> > of the world is temporary real. But not Mithya.

Shankara has defined satyam as 'that which does not give up its
once-determined nature' and asatyam as that which does not follow the above
rule.  From this definition we see that the entire world comes under the
second category only.  This definition stands enshrined in the BG 2.16
verse too: na asataH vidyate bhAvaH, na abhAvo vidyate sataH.  'sat' will
never go out of existence and 'asat' will never qualify for being
existent.  The world (anything created) will never come under 'existent'
category; it might at best gain an 'appears to exist' category.  Brahman
will never get into the 'non-existent' category.  It is to be remembered
that this verse in the BG comes in the context of teaching the nature of
the Self.  Bhagavan does not give the world a 'temporary real' status even.


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