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On Mon, Jan 9, 2012 at 10:23, Venkatesh Murthy <vmurthy36 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Namaste
> But they will say there is no example for neither true nor false
> thing.

What do you understand by word true ? What is called false ?
It is possible that our definitions differ and that may be impelling you to
say that neither true nor false things don't exist.
According to our definitions such things exist. Those definitions could be
found in advaita-siddhiH, etc.

> If you say Sukti Rajata is Mithya they will say it is Asat.
> Nobody has a doubt is the Sukti Rajata is true or false? Everybody
> will say it is false. The world is not Mithya. It may be called as
> Temporary because it can get destroyed but not Mithya. If your
> relative is born and lives for 70 years and dies will you call him
> Mithya? He was temporary living being but you cannot say he was
> Mithya. His Jiva is re-born somewhere.

After determining definition of mithyAtvam it will be easy for you to
accept your relatives mithyA. That will come later. Let you first declare
your definitions.
And remember, we don't say that anityatvam is mithyAtvam. We say that
anityatvam is cause of mithyAtvam.

> Severe criticism
> coming from them is Advaita makes the whole world a silly mistake.

Leave words which only aim to insult. We are not here to play that game.
Say only those words which prove their view correct or ours' wrong.

The Jiva goes through  three states. But a dream object is also real.

Wow !!!
Amazing is their view. Ask them to bring some water with a pot seen in

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