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>> > What is problem to say Satya can also be cycle type change?. The world
>> > is changing but it is a cycle.
>> >
>> Shankara has distinguished two types in nitya: pariNAmi nitya (which is
>> mAyA) and kUTastha nitya (which is Brahman).  The 'cycle' type changing
>> nitya is mAyA which the Lord Himself has specified as 'bhUta prakRti
>> moksham' in the concluding verse of the 13th ch. BG.
> I think that we need to go further to clarify.
> It is clear that pariNAmi nityatvam is accepted by both vedAntin-s and
> madhva-s. So, where's the conflict ? The conflict is in declaring pariNAmi
> things mithyA, i.e. similar to svApna things.

Good point. How can you say Parinami Nitya Vastu is Mithya. There is
no example of this in life. If a thing is existing for a limited time
you can say it is Anitya but you cannot say it is Mithya. If a parent
is existing for sometime and becomes dead you will still do Sraddha
for him. Can you say he is Mithya so I will not do his Sraddha? This
is sinful. Like this a Anitya Vastu is not Mithya but Satya only.

Svapna things are also real only because because they are existing for
limited time and then vanish. If you say you cannot drink pot water
from dream and become satisfied what is your point? You are saying
something must be useful to be real. Arthakriya Karitva. You are
saying a thing with some use and purpose is existing otherwise not.
This is not correct. Because there are many useless things in life in
waking also like a star in the sky. It is not helping us but you are
not saying it is a dream object. A star in the sky is real like the
sun and moon. The sun and moon are giving light but the star light
cannot help us.

A Satya thing can be Anitya or Nitya. There is no rule in Sruti to say
Anitya is not Satya. In Gita 2-26-
अथ चैनं नित्यजातं नित्यं वा मन्यसे मृतम् ।
तथापि त्वं महाबाहो नैवं शोचितुमर्हसि ॥ Krishna has said a thing
existing and dying and then existing again in a cycle is Satya only.
It cannot be Mithya.

If a thing is continuously getting born and living for sometime and
dying it cannot be Mithya it is Satya.

Good example is there in electricity also. In electricity there is
Direct Current and Alternating Current. The DC is constant and like
Nitya. But AC is constantly changing from 0 to 220 and falling from
220 to 0 and -220 and rising again to 0 and 220 like a sine wave
repeating form and it has average voltage as Zero. If  someone thinks
he can put touch it and not get shock he is a fool.  But we are using
the AC in our home for lights and heating water and appliances. DC is
like Brahman but AC is like Prakruti. Both are Satya both are needed
for us.

Brahman and Prakruti are like Siva and Sakti. Brahman is static but
Prakruti is Dynamic. You can't say Prakruti is Mithya because Siva and
Sakti both are Satya. You can't say only Siva without Sakti can exist.
Both exist and both are Nitya.



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