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>> > How can you say Parinami Nitya Vastu is Mithya.
> Here are some references from the srimadbhagavatam - uddhavagita-  where
the created world is taught to be 'mere words'; insubstantial -

न यत् पुरस्तात् उत यत् न पश्चात् मध्ये च तत् न *व्यपदेशमात्रम्* .

 भूतं प्रसिद्धं च परेण यद्यत् तत् एव तत् स्यात् इति मे मनीषा .. २१..

This is very reminiscent of the famous Gaudapada karika:

आदावन्ते च यन्नस्ति वर्तमानेऽपि तत्तथा [That which is not in the beginning
and end - before creation and after destruction - is to be known as not
there even during the time of its appearing as existing.]

 अविद्यमानः अपि अवभासते यः वैकारिकः राजससर्गः एषः .

[even though not there yet it (creation/created world) appears to be as
though existing...]


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