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>> I am educated and consistent. My Madhwa friend has told me in shell
>> silver case Asataha Sattvaprateeti is happening. I am correct. Shell
>> silver is Asat is appearing as Sat.

This ' AsataH Sattvaprateeti ' is not alien or inadmissible to Advaitins.
In the final analysis the object experienced in an illusion is 'asat'
alone.  'sadasadvilakShaNa' status is only a temporary admittance just to
explain the 'sattvaprateeti'.  For, an atyanta asat object like a  hare's
horn is incapable of being mistaken for something else.  Hence purely with
a view to explain the illusion experience Advaitins accord the object the
status of sad-asad-vilakShaNa'.

Shankara says in the commentary for Bhagavadgita verse: 13.26 :
यथाशास्त्रं क्षेत्र-क्षेत्रज्ञलक्षणभेदपरिज्ञानपूर्वकं प्राग्दर्शितरूपात्
क्षेत्रात् मुञ्जादिव ईषीकां यथोक्तलक्षणं क्षेत्रज्ञं प्रविभज्य ’न
सत्तन्नासदुच्यते’ [गी.१३.१२] इत्यनेन निरस्तसर्वोपाधिविशेषं ज्ञेयं ब्रह्म
स्वरूपेण य: पश्यति, क्षेत्रं च
मायानिर्मितहस्ति-स्वप्नदृष्टवस्तु-गन्धर्वनगरादिवत् असदेव सदिव
अवभासतेइत्येवं निश्चितविज्ञान: य:, तस्य यथोक्तसम्यग्दर्शनविरोधात्
मिथ्याज्ञानम् ।
[This illusion vanishes, because of its opposition to the right knowledge,
when a man attains to a knowledge of the distinction between Kshetra and
Kshetrajna as defined in the Shastra, when he is able to separate
Kshetrajna from Kshetra like the ishikaa reed from the munja-grass and to
realize that Brahman, the Knowable, which is devoid of all upadhis as
described in the words ‘It is not said to be existent or non-existent’ (BG
13.12) as his own Self, when he is convinced that, like the elephants and
palaces projected by a juggler’s art, or like a thing seen in a dream, or
like a gandharvanagara (an imaginary city in the sky), Kshetra is
non-existent and only appears to be existent. ]

[Quotes above copied from
http://www.adi-shankara.org/2009/06/atman-is-one.html  - owned by Dr.Shyam
MD, member of this List]



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