[Advaita-l] tattvasamIxA of shrI-vAchaspatimishra (??????????????????)

Vidyasankar Sundaresan svidyasankar at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 12 11:05:17 CST 2012

> Thanks for the update a welcome edition after
> - Bhavasuddhi of Anandapurnamuni & Abhiprayaprakashika of Citsukhamuni
> edited Anantakrishna Shastri
> - With a commentary named Shankhapani edited by Kuppuswami Sastri
> Both the above books were published as a part of Madras Government Oriental
> Manuscript library series, Madras
> With this all the important commentaries on Brahmasiddhi are complete as
> printed editions
> Regards
> Ajit Gargeshwari

SankhapANi is the name of the commentator who wrote a TIkA on brahmasiddhi.
The edition by Sri Kuppuswami Sastri is a very good critical edition, taking into
account readings from multiple manuscripts and commentaries. The introduction
to this edition, written by Sri P. P. Subrahmanya Sastri, is also a must-read.
The tattva-samIkshA of vAcaspati miSra is available only partially. It was long
thought to be "lost" and was only known through quotations in other works. Its
recent discovery and publication mark a milestone in advaita vedAnta literature.
Credit must go to the Nepalese German manuscript preservation and cataloging
projects conducted by the government of Nepal and university of Hamburg, out
of which a number of publications of rare works have seen the light of day. 

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