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A fortunate student of Dr. T.S. Girishkumar, Reader, M.G. University,

  Doing PhD research in Advaita and New Science.

New Science means the Post-Newtonian Physical Science. to be precise,
I am looking for the similarities between Advaita and Science. Because of
the blessings of my Guru, Dr. Girishkumar and Sri Adi Sankaracharya himself,
I have found many things I was looking for like the elements of Advaitic
realities in Bohr, Heisenberg, de broglie, Einstein etc.

My research is expected to be complete by next month. Any kind
suggestions from the elders and the wise are gratefully welcomed.

Dr. Satyanarayana Sastry

I am originally from the Sanskrit Village. It is in Karnataka and its postal
address is Mattur Hosahalli, Shimoga taluk PIN 577301. The village is of the
Sankethi community who are Apastambas and follow Shringeri Matha. I have done
M.A. in Sanskrit (in 1970) and Ph. D. on Bharavi's Kiratarjuniyam (in 1989).
I have 4 decades' Sanskrit teaching experience in India, UK and European
countries. My passion is to conduct/tutor spoken Sanskrit courses, give
lectures on the topics from Classical Sanskrit and philosophy.
I write articles for magazines, write, dirct and act in Sanskrit plays.
I work for the Samskrita Bharati in UK and Bharat.
Bhavadeeyah vishvastah, Dr Satyanarayana Shastry.

Jaldhar H. Vyas <jaldhar at braincells.com>

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