[Advaita-l] Why is jagat mithya?

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Wed Jan 18 22:19:28 CST 2012

praNAms Sri Venkatesh prabhuji
Hare Krishna

What is the focus of Sruti? Brahman or non Brahman? In Advaita books
the focus is more on non Brahman and showing it is Mithya. Why not
focus on Brahman because it is the One and Only Sat? Because it is
Nirguna it is difficult to focus on it. It is easier to say what is
not Brahman. Yato Vaco Nivartante Sruti is prohibiting from describing
Brahman.  Is this correct reason? 

>  I think the reason is appropriate to realize the nirguNa, nirupAdhika 
brahman.  Shruti adopts a method called adhyArOpa apavAda to 'describe' 
the 'unobjectifiable' brahman. 

We negate everything and what is left is  Brahman. Some people are afraid 
of this because they feel it
is like Sunya.

>  No, those who follow shankara siddhAnta would definitely know that 
negation should end in brahman only.  Because brahman is ekameva adviteeya 

There could be another way. We can say Brahman is there in everything.
Sarvam Khalvidam Brahma. This is a positive way. What is difficult in
this? We can do Brahman Upasana in everything. But you can say we
cannot do Upasana like that because Brahman is Nirguna. Then do
Upasana of Saguna Brahman in everything first.

>  If sAdhaka-s are comfortable with upAsya brahman (saguNOpAsana), there 
is a provision for both 'jneya' brahma vichAra and upAsya brahma dhyAna in 
advaita sAdhana. 

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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