[Advaita-l] Why is jagat mithya?

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> 1. In the same way, as a snake is imagined/ projected from a rope, the
>   jagat is the "projected form" of an underlying reality which we
>   call brahman.
If there is a snake imagined from a rope there will be two ways to
correct it. One way is to say the snake is false. Another way is to
say the snake is rope only. I have seen a lot of time is spent in
saying snake is false. The focus is showing snake is false. But it
must be snake is really the rope.

> 2. So, we have two spaces here, S_br (the underlying reality - brahman),
>   and S_pr (the projected, apparent reality - jagat).
> 3. Every object/ event in the space S_pr, has a corresponding counter
>   part in the space S_br. So, in this sense, ** and only in this sense **,
>   S_pr is called mithyA. But the counterpart of every object / event in
>   space S_br is NOT mithyA.
But here all objects have the same counterpart Brahman as the
Adhisthana. If Brahman is everywhere and in every thing why should it
be so difficult to teach it. You can say Brahman is Nirguna and hard
to describe. Then teach Saguna Brahman as the first step. But in the
Advaita approach the Saguna Brahman is not described that much. They
spend a lot of time in Mayavada.

> hari om.
> Regards,
> Shrinivas



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