[Advaita-l] Is the concept of maya essential to explain advaita?

Rajaram Venkataramani rajaramvenk at gmail.com
Fri Jan 20 01:43:27 CST 2012

Shri R Balasubramanian, Former Chairman, Indian Council of
Philosophical Reasearch, observes in his foreword to The sruti sAra
samuddharana of Sri Totakacharya, "Though the concept of maya-avidya
is important in Advaita, there is no reference to it in the text. Nor
is there any discussion about the the tenability of the reflection
theory or of the limitation theory. The reason for this is that it is
quite possible to explain the central thesis of Advaita without
bringing in the concept of maya-avidya and getting into complicated
arguments about these theories for the purpose of explaining the
relation between the jiva and Brahman." Hence my question stated in
the title of this post.

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