[Advaita-l] Parameshti and nasadiya sukta

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On Mon, 23 Jan 2012, Kalyan K wrote:

> Sri sAyaNa mentions that the rishi of the nAsadIya sUkta is paramAtma,
> under his appellation parameshThin.

ParameShTi in the bhAShyas and anukramaNikAs (the vedA~Nga dealing with the 
R^iShis, Devatas, and chhandas of each mantra) refers to prajApati (i.e. 
brahma) not paramAtma.

The nAsadIya sUkta is usually presented as the textbook example of a 
purported Vedic agnosticism.  "Who knows and who can say it?" But kA is 
also a name of Brahma.  "Brahma knows and Brahma can say it." puts a 
completely different spin on it.

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