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 It is
also perhaps the first instance where a translation went in the reverse direction, from a local
Indian language, Hindi, to Sanskrit! 

Shree Vidyasankar PraNams and thanks for the additional info about the original author.

I may add, which may not be pertinent to this list, in relation to your last comment.

My father, a great vishiShTaadvaitin and Sanskrit and Telugu Scholar, translated two Telugu classical prabandhas into Sanskrit - one is Manucharitra of Allasaani Peddana, who was the great poet of Krishnadevaraya's court, into Sanskrit introducing some of the special Telugu meters (like aaTaveladi, teTagiita, Seema, etc) into Sanskrit as ManusambhavaH. The book was published by Andhra Sahitya Academy, and the other book was Amuktamaalyada (the story of Andaal) reportedly authored by Krishnadevaraya himself, and the Sanskrit book, Vishuchittiiyam, was published with the help of TTD.  Also worth mentioning is The Tiruppavia of Godadevi that is in classical Tamil, my father has translated it with extensive commentary in Telugu as Melinomu and was published by TTD. We have recently recorded the music in CDs form, song by Kanakadurga in the same style as MS, and will soon become available for mass scale distribution, for those interested.  Unfortunately all
 his sons remained as pandita putras, only going after western education.

Sorry, I could not resist sharing this information.

Hari Om!

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