[Advaita-l] Holenarsipur Swamiji's remarks and why even Avidya is not necessary for Advaita

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Mon Jan 30 23:18:40 CST 2012


Hare Krishna

After realizing the futility of the discussion with you on these topics, I 
thought of not to write anything.  But could not resist myself, since you 
are repeatedly quoting Sri SSS works for completely wrong reasons!!

You said :

Adi Sankara has not propagated the idea of Anirvachaniya Avidya and
the two Avidyas. But it was started later.

>  shankara/gaudapAda  does talk about kAraNAvidyA & kAryAvidyA at various 
places of their works.  For example you can refer kArikA & shankara 
bhAshya on it.  But I agree that there is no scope for anirvachaneeya 
avidyA in shankara bhAshya.  But since you have some aversion towards 
mAyAvAda, I wish to bring to your notice that shankara does talk about 
mAya and its anirvachaniyatva in sUtra bhAshya.  (tatvAnyatvAbhyAm 
anirvachaniye--clarifies shankara on the concept of mAya).  Anyway, 
according to Sri SSS mAya is not equal to avidyA in shankara bhAshya.

Holenarsipur Swamiji has written about Vachaspati in Page 101 How to
Recognize the Method of Vedanta -

>  Please note, the above work of Sri SSS is a comprehensive preamble to 
his Sanskrit work vedAntaprakriya pratyabhigna.  Here Sri SSS mainly 
arguing about the theory 'mUlAvidyA or bhAva rUpa avidyA which is not 
jnAnAbhAva but a material cause for adhyAsa.  I dont think anywhere he 
questions the necessity of mAya and avidyA in shankara bhAshya. So, in 
short, you are quoting Sri SSS completely out of context. 

>  Kindly stop mis-quoting Sri SSS to propagate your imagined theory of 

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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