[Advaita-l] human day - divine year

Shrinivas Gadkari sgadkari2001 at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 3 04:15:37 CDT 2012


One way to understand the descriptions of day-night
in mRtyu, pitR and deva loka is:
challenges that we face in mRtyu loka in one day
is equivalent to challenges one would face in pitR loka
in one month and in deva loka in one year.

So, the sAdhanA/ upAsanA we perform in a single day here is
equivalent to similar sAdhanA/ upAsanA performed for a month
in pitR loka and for a year in deva loka.

For more karma phala oriented person - this means, 
one day's worth of karma that is of mediocre quality
(entitling its pay off in pitR loka), will earn karma-phala
for a month in pitR loka. While, one day's high quality
karma (entitling its pay off in deva loka), will earn
karma-phala for a year in deva loka.

For a sincere sAdhaka, this means: we have an opportunity
to make spiritual progress, here in this world of humans,
which is unmatched in any other loka - so make best use of it.


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